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    This thread will be used for custom Familiar creation.

    Much like in game characters, Familiar imports will also need to be approved, but require less guidelines.

    What you need to know about approval:

    • Familiars should follow the biology guides for their unique species: https://www.arcanezoo.com/familiars/
    • Artwork should be a transparent PNG file, with only the character design and a small watermark if the artist wishes to add one.
    • Files should be around 500×500 pixels give or take depending on design. Designs that are tall or horizontally narrow may have larger sizes, but all should roughly fit that size range.

    To submit your familiar use this form:

    Link to Custom Proof:
    Familiar’s Type and Element: (If applicable)
    Designer Credit:
    Artist Link:
    Link to Familiar Artwork:





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    Link to Custom Proof: Proof
    Familiar’s Type and Element: (If applicable) Wanni Yens Earth
    Designer Credit: Meee
    Artist Link: Me again
    Link to Familiar Artwork: Art


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    Link to Custom Proof
    Familiar’s Type and Element: Water oraborhys
    Designer Credit: Me
    Artist Link: Also me
    Link to Familiar Artwork

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    Link to Custom Proof: Proof
    Familiar’s Type and Element: Aviren and Void
    Designer Credit: me
    Artist Link: Me x 2
    Link to Familiar Artwork: Art

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