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    This is the thread to post character’s crafting attempts, please reply below with the following:

    Link to Character Import:
    (Optional) Link to artwork included:
    Player Crafting Level:
    Crafting School:
    Recipe/Guide being crafted:
    Any items being used to boost outcomes: (This can include banked items)

    Please do not reply to comments by other players, as it clutters this for staff approval.

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    The smell of metal. The light of a late shining light. It reminded Squix of home. How his mother would work in her workshop until very late at night, filling the house with the smell of burnt wire. He briefly wondered what she was doing nowadays and if she was well, but quickly pushed these thoughts back deep down into his soul. He mustnt.

    Link to Character Import: Squix
    (Optional) Link to artwork included: LINK
    Player Crafting Level: Novice
    Crafting School: Science Arts
    Recipe/Guide being crafted: Traveler’s Googles
    Any items being used to boost outcomes: none

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      ArcaneZoo Admin

      Burning the midnight oil, you’ve successfully turned a pile of otherwise confusing items into the following item: Traveler’s Googles

      All ingredients have been removed from your bank, and crafted item added.

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