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    As you hit milestones in crafting, you’ll need to increase your level to reflect your skills.

    Once you’ve hit the following totals, you can request your in game level be updated:

    • Apprentice: After successfully completing 10 items from any single crafting system
    • Master: After completing another 15 items (25 total)
    • Grand Master: And after creating a final set of 20 items (45 total)

    Remember, crafting level is based per crafting system, and is tied to a player’s account, not assigned to a single character!

    Please use this form for updating your crafting level:

    Current Level:
    Level you’re updating to:
    Link all successful crafting replies by a mod:

    (You do not need to link all past crafting successes, only the additional items to level up!)

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      New level gained in Weaponsmithing!

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