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    Toward the end of October this event is finally going live, the first Character Creation Item sale. Sorry this took so long, there was other things I wanted to get in place first.

    Giving all players an early heads up for how these will work and what to plan for, as this is the first sales event held in game!


    Final Dates: Oct 24th – Oct 28th

    What items will be for sale:

    Fractured Azoth: $10 / 20TP

    White Azoth: $26 / 52TP

    Silver Azoth: $36 / 72TP

    Limitations: Players may only purchase two character creation items during any sale. Players may sell and trade items purchased ONLY after the sale ends.

    Kouneen only Auctions:

    Each event will have special Kouneen only auctions, for this sale event the following items will be open to bidding with a 1 Kouneen opening –

    1 Blue Azoth

    1 Silver Azoth (+ @Skulldog designed character commission)

    1 Common Skill added to a character of the winner’s choice



    Any questions, just reply here!

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