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    After wrapping up the current Character Creation item sale, staff has had some feedback about how the event was hosted. We always want more input for new aspects of game management, and how to improve on it!

    There is a poll currently about how to offer basic Azoths for sale from here:

    Players can also comment here with ideas and suggestions.

    The items for sale during this event were selected by random draw, in future sales other items might be for sale or Kouneen auction, and if players have strong feelings about having some minor creation items for sale year round, staff will seriously considered how to balance this option, so all players can benefit, not just those that can buy items in USD.

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    As you know, I was one of the bidders on Silver Azoth, so I would like to give some feedback on how I feel the auctions went. I myself felt cheap for how much I won the Silver Azoth for, considering how much it is worth when purchased via USD [$36]- and I won it for 60 Kouneen. I think in the future that valuable items such as Silver Azoths, White Azoths etc should have a set starting bid on them so that they aren’t undersold for the value they have. That, and a minimum amount of Kouneen for each bid should be set.
    I also think that snipe guards should be in place for future auctions, considering the different time zones of members, so that after each bid [once reaching the end date] it will take 12-24 hours to pass before the auction has a winner- just so it doesn’t suddenly end when one of the bidders is offline due to timezone and has no chance to bid back.

    I also like the idea of items being available all year round, or at least open at least one weekend/week a month. I think perhaps having some usually hard to collect material, for a set price, open for sale for a short period might be a good idea!

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    A snipeguard would definately be welcome. Tho I guess my comments before the auctions caused a bit of confusion.
    I was under the impression that we could only get two items from the whole. and so was concerned that if someone lost an auction, they couldnt buy a second item. even though auctions and sale where based on different currencies.
    And I apologize on my part for that.

    I think that SOME items should be more readily available for USD. Mainly the low custom makers like blue and white.
    I am not sure if adding fractured to the constant sale would be a good idea, since it would take away a bit of its special character and results with them can be pretty high level.

    I would definately welcome a way to use my kouneen more proper. Maybe a shop for gathering items with a rotating stock.

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