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    ArcaneZoo Admin

    This thread is for using items that change the sex, coat color or other traits like markings and mutations. Once your item has been used and the outcome shared, you may use a link to the staff comment as proof when submitting character edits to their Import design.

    Use the following form to submit an altering item use request:

    Link to Character Import:
    List items being used:

    Please do not reply to comments by other players, as it clutters this for staff approval.

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    Character Import: Rudik
    Item used: Tincture of the Changeling

    Huh? What was that? Yes, of course I know what I’m do-
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      ArcaneZoo Admin

      Reacting to the powerful aether, Rudik’s Sharp Foot has been replaced with Gem Shards.

      Please use this comment when updating your character’s Import.

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