Terms you might run across while playing this game, and what they mean.

Alter: A character that is unique or breaks rules set in normal character creations. These are usually given as prizes for events.

Azorna: The name of the world Arcane Zoo takes place. Inhabitants are sometimes called ‘Azorrites

Azoth: Rare items that create custom characters. These can be found in game, or will be for sale during special events. Page on Azoths.

Calf / Calves: A baby Popokee

Custom: A character that was created using an Azoth.

Dragon: A loose term attributed to a creature unseen in current history, usually described as having horns, wings and pointed scales. A general term used to label any wild creature not known to current science.

First World: The time period before the current one, history only has a few rough ideas what that was like. The current game story is set in ‘The New World‘.

Genotype: The list of traits that define a character, and dictate what they will look like. These are given during a breeding, and players may use them when selling characters that have not yet been drawn or approved in game.

Import: A character that has been drawn and approved into the game.

Kouneen: The currency of Azorna, Pronounced similar to ‘coin’, with a slight drawn out end.

Pack: A group of Kirunhounds.

Pod: A group of Popokee.

Pup / Puppy / Puppies: A baby Kirunhound.

Rebis: Describing an individual that shares physical traits of both male and female in levels which vary per individual. All lifeforms in Azorna can potentially fall into this term.

Roll: Creative works that follow the rules for activities like resource gathering or questing, allowing the player to submit the work for a reward. When buying and selling, a roll tends to mean drawing or writing a single character in a way that will result in the work passing guidelines for the activity. (ie.: I’m selling this Kirunhound for two Questing Rolls in payment.)

Slot: A single use permission, granting the right to breed with a character.

SP: Story Points. Used to describe the value of creative works (i.e: I’m looking for someone to draw me a 20SP image,) or how trained a character is (i.e: This character import comes with 200SP.)

Trait: Describes an aspect of a creature, such as ears, tails or magic types, each has a level of rarity players might be looking for. (i.e: Selling a rare body trait Kirunhound.)

Tributes: Special points earned for events, putting extra work into art and stories and other unique challenges. Page on Tributes.

Void: An unnatural lack of physical form and a type of anti-magical power that is sometimes naturally born into lifeforms. Can cause unpredictable reactions in creatures who come in contact with in the wild.