Account Tips

Here’s a few useful tips for getting your account set up, and features the site uses that players may want to take advantage of.

Editing you profile icon, banner art and account name:

After registering and verifying your email, you can now log in using the option on the lower left menu. From here, click your player name, then the ‘Profile’ tab.

The ‘Basics’ sub tab is where you  can change the display name that shows for your account as well as update your email, password, website and create a little profile. Please note while your displayed name will change, your custom @ name you signed up with will remain the same.

The ‘Game Play’ sub tab has optional fields where you can link a main character, and let other players know if you’ll allow them to draw or write about this linked character in their creative submissions. This also houses a catch all link field for things like Terms of Service or a master sales lists.


Also in the profile page, you can use the friend tab to request friendships with other players, allowing you to keep track of their activity, and restrict some site access to only your mutual friends. Friendships must be approved by the other party, and can be canceled at anytime.

Docs Feature:

Docs lets players create personal journal like posts that can be private, or public. These are great for keeping track of characters, owed items, or keeping notes on site.

When creating a new Document file, be sure you select the ‘Players’ Group, and select ‘Create a new Folder’ using your Account Name. This folder will be available to use each time you make a new document, and will help keep everything organized.

Tagging Players:

By using the @ symbol anywhere you type on both forums, docs and status updates, you will be prompted to type out a player’s name, this player will then receive a notice on site of being tagged.