Changling Information


Discovered during the period of  unrest caused by the earthquakes in Ull Canyon, only a few examples of these creatures have turned up in the wild.

Basic Biology:

Changlings resemble Yens in all biological fashion, but appear to be effected by the Void condition, giving them darken coats and solid white eyes. A strange new alteration is some carry horns, claws or beaks in what seems to be polished crystal. Changlings to do not appear to have an aggressive tenancies due to this stats, and behave rather shyly.


Changlings are not known to carry an elementary affinity.


Mimic: Once per month a Changling may copy the skill of a Familiar owned by the same player.

Not having a natural elements of their own, a Changling will not get the monthly bonus from this skill.

Some events even give bonus rolls if a player draws their Changlings alongside other game species and characters.