Alongside the intelligent species of the world that players will focus on leveling, breeding and interacting with, familiars act as small, more feral creatures that provide players unique boosts. Each familiar type has a set skill, which is also affected by their elemental type.

Familiars will never have genetic traits, be breedable, or earn titles in game, instead each is uniquely drawn and collectable. Familiars may be traded, sold and auctioned within the game.

Types of known Familiars:





More coming soon!


Familiar Skills:

Item fetch: Once a month a player may send this familiar to gather 1-2* items from a region of their choice.

Breeding redo: Once a player’s posted breeding is rolled, a player may reroll 1-2* offspring for a new random genotype using this familiar.

Crafting boost: Players may use a familiar’s help to boost an additional 10-20%* when crafting a single item.

Tribute chaser: Once a month a player may send this familiar out to attempt to gather some Tribute Points. 50/50 for 2TP default, 25/75 for 2TP on shared months.

Battle guard: Once per month a player may invoke this familiar to negate all damage done in a fight. For shared elemental months, this familiar will negate damage twice during a single fight.

Mimic: Once per month this familiar may copy the skill of a different familiar owned by the same player.

  • *1 and 10% are the default skill, if a Familiar is being used during a month that shares their elemental typing, the higher range will be used instead.