Wing Type Traits

Balikin wings will act as usable hands, and will have a thumb, and potentially more fingers around the edge. Sizing should be large enough to carry them in flight, but vary between individuals.





Lightly furred smooth wings, with small claws. Fur may appear in patches, or cover the whole wing. Fur will be in the coat color range, but may be different that the rest of the body. Markings will not affect fur on Northern Balikin wings.



Western Balikin wings are more akin to large flippers, with stubby fingers and short furring.


Night Forest:

Smooth skin wings, with prominent clawed edges.


Heavily furred wings with distinct rocky claws that stand out. May have feathered tips, or smooth furred areas. Markings will carry over into fur on wings.



Ancient Fire:

A pair of dual wings, with the second set being smaller than the main. Can be be smooth, or feathered.

Ancient Ice:

Strips of ribbon like material or ‘Celestial Banners’, as few as two may be present. These wings may also have a smooth over lay along the arm.