Tail Type Traits

Balikin tails are used for balance both while flying, and moving on the ground and have a flexibility similar to large lizards.

Accents on tails may resemble spikes, hooks, ridges or a small patch of decorative feathers.



Medium length and tapered, with a thin tip and no distinct accents.



Short to long sized tail with additional fur accents along the top, with optional shorter fur on the underside. Top fur may be a single solid color, and will be affected by markings.


Long and smooth, with a small accent at the end.



Massive tails, with heavy or multiple layers of fur, ending in a small or large accent. Fur will a single solid color.



Ancient Fire:

Long and smooth, with multiple styles of spiked accents along the top and sides. Tip will have a tuft of feathers or fur. Both accents may be multiple unique colors, and include gradients.