Mutations are rare variations that pop up in offspring from time to time. There is no surefire way to cause them, and genotypes that do end up with them will be very special.

  • While rare, it is possible for multiple mutations to pass on during a breeding.
  • Parents sharing the same mutation increase the odds of an offspring also gaining it.
  • New mutations can happen in any or all of the offspring of parents that don’t have mutations themselves.



Add an additional set of eyes to the Balikin’s face. Eyes may be the same or different than the core eyes, and be different colors.


Converts a Balikin’s wings into a four legged body type. Small flaps may still be present on the under arms. All markings and accents may treat these as either wings or legs when designing.



Adds a large jemstone to the forehead of the Balikin, these items can be smooth, rough, or shaped, but should avoid looking too much like a horn. Gems can be any color, and display textures and variations.


Duplicates the Balikin’s head. Both will follow the same traits, but may have different eye colors.


Turns all markings black, or deep shades of grey. May also de-saturate the coat color.


Duplicates the Balikin’s tail, both will follow the same traits.

Non Passable: