Face Type Traits

Balikin faces are the easiest trait to trace back to their place of origin, each having advantages for the environments they’ve adapted to.




Share more mammalian traits, with a blunt face shape and have areas of dense fur along the jaw and muzzle. Fur can be a different range of the coat color.


Share more avian traits, and have a solid beak on the upper jaw, with a flexible smooth lower jaw with normal teeth, upper jaw does not require teeth. Southern Balikin may have small colorful feathers on the top of the head, these should not resemble a crest, and instead by spread out and varied.


Share more reptilian traits, and may have subtle scaling around the eyes, and sides of neck. East Balikin will have a smooth patch starting at the chin and running to the chest.


Share more mammalian traits, and have areas of dense fur, either along the chin, cheeks, or brow area. May have thin whiskers anywhere on the face. Fur will be the same color as the coat areas around it.


Night Forest:

Resemble bats with large up turned fleshy noses, soft furring or smooth skinned areas around the muzzle. Night Forest Balikin have large eyes that may reflect light or have a small glow.



Heavily scaled and powerful looking, Dragon Balikin have ridges along the back of the head, ended at the shoulders, as well as large plates on the muzzle. Optionally they may have larger than normal fangs that hangout over the lips, or a patch of short fur along the jaw and upper neck that is any solid color.