Ear Type Traits

Despite the orientation they stand, Balikin ears are very expressive and move freely when listening, or to express their mood. A commonly scarred and tattered area for older Balikin, missing ears are also allowed on basic designs.




Small or no ears with feathered tips, or small feathered ‘false ear’. Feathers may be a different color from the base coat range.


Small or no ears with solid scaling around the opening. Scales may be a different color from the base coat range.


Small, narrow ears that come to a point, with no fringe or edging. May be long and tapered, or small and pricked. Can face any direction.


Night Forest:

Large to very large sized ears that are flat, rounded and will only smooth skin. Face Forward or backward. Inner skin may be a unique solid color.


Medium sized ears with distinct tufts at the end. Inside will be smooth. Can face any direction.


Ancient Fire:

Large sized ears with furring all over, inside can be furred or smooth. Face Backward, or downward.