Coat Colors

Coat colors for Balikin are classified by a broad range of colors divided into groups, rather than preset hexadecimal guidelines.

  • Players do not need to pull directly from these sample swatches, but should make sure a created character’s coat base does not drift into ranges outside their genes.
  • Coat colors may have some variation, but should remain a mostly solid color with subtle accents.
  • All Balikin may have a small lightening around the face, that can also include small soft areas of pink accents where the skin is more delicate, such as around the eyes and nose.





Desert – Ranges from earthy browns and stone greys.
Tropical – Ranges from bright blues and greens, to teals and aquas.
Island – Ranges from bright oranges or yellows.
Forest – Ranges from earthy, natural greens, or sandy tans and beige.


Night Forest – Black or slightly off black.
Tundra – White or slight off white.

*Night Forest and Tundra may both have a slight neutral blue or red tint.


Ancient Fire – Any Common coat with a black gradient that covers up to %25 of the body and wings.
Ancient Ice – Any Common coat with a white gradient that covers up to %25 of the body and wings.


Gilded – Warm color with a metallic effect to fur.
Blazing – Dark base color with more complex accents in a single bright neon color.


– Samples

– Samples