Accent Type Traits

Each region Balikin call home, has a magical effect on them, and each individual will pull their elemental traits from only one region. This will effect the type of magic they wield or are able to breath as a weapon, as well as grant an optional physical change that alters or appears on the body.



Small, uniform spikes accent the Balikin’s back, head and tail. Spikes may stop and start in different areas, or cover only one location.




Adds a small set of natural horns, these can mimic any earthly animal and be any color. Elemental affinity will be Earth or Metal.


Adds a small feathered crest on the brow, top or back of head. Color will be effected by coat color and markings. Elemental affinity will be Fire.


Adds dense scaling across the lower jaw, neck and belly. Smaller scales may line the base of the wings, and body. Color may be another range of the coat color. Elemental affinity will be Wind.