World History

Our history is fractured and only useful in broken chunks to speak of the world before us. What we know of the first world, prior to the cataclysmic fall is tied to many tribes, families and unique species…none of us can clearly form a single story, just a few points and highlights within an epic tale…

There were Three Pillars:

The Kahest Affinity: The old guard who stick to known studies of the ethereal words, speaking to spirits and powers far beyond normal connections. Kept to their ways of tried and true divinity.

The Autorge: Only believed in the power of an unaffiliated mind, both Science and Alchemy did more harm than good to any soul, and as such rejected both schools of thought.

Mutable Scions: The young bloods who study the science of the shifting lands, they worked with an every changing, but grounded disciples of the earth. Rejected the world of magic and and unpredictable alchemy.