Mutations are rare variations that pop up in offspring from time to time. There is no surefire way to cause them, and genotypes that do end up with them will be very special.

  • While rare, it is possible for multiple mutations to pass on during a breeding.
  • Parents sharing the same mutation increase the odds of an offspring also gaining it.
  • New mutations can happen in any or all of the offspring of parents that don’t have mutations themselves.



Adds visible ears to a Popokee.

Aether Touched:

Adds a glowing color effect to one marking of the designer’s choice.


Adds an angler like horn and may add bioluminescent glows to one or more markings near the face, in a single color.


Adds shark or sailfish like fin on back, fins can be tipped if markings allow.


Adds rocky structures to raise up a Popokee’s plant. Mountain mutations will be either darker or lighter in color than their coat colors, and may be affected by markings.


Adds small colorful fins along the body and legs. The number and design of these fins is up to the player.


Random uneven spots of white will cover the whole body. Mottled spots of light pink may also be present. Plants may also be affected by this mutation.


Adds tendrils of roots along the tail.


Allows all shown markings to be brightly colored, ignoring color rules set. Each marking must be a single solid color.

Ice Ghost:

Turns sections of the body translucent, retaining some of the original colour, or partially transparent, allowing bones and flesh tones to show through the skin. This can manifest as an area affect or be limited to certain traits or parts of the body. Maximum coverage half of the body.

Designed by @hoata

Same Foot:

Both feet can be replaced by any natural creature.

Designed by @darrk

Non Passable:


Causes the Popokee’s personal symbol to appear as bright markings across the body instead of externally. Minimum of two places need to be marked, and may appear in any size or color.


Character’s fur will be solid white, cream or gray with red eyes regardless of the genotype. Some subtle spotting is allowed in albino Popokee. Plants will also be muted and dull in color.