Magic Type Traits

Popokee are inherently magical creatures, and are born with a set magical polarity.

Magical Traits do not need to show, ALL physical changes listed for each magical basis are optional to add to a character’s design. A character’s Magic Trait will still be listed, and will affect trait rarity on breedings.


Core Magic:

Popokee will carry no magic alterations.


Earth Magic:

Allows for two types of plants to appear in one location, and may add a single colorful gradient to mutations.

Fire Magic:

Allows for colorful hooves, tail tips and if present horns. Patches of natural colored grasses may appear outside the flower location range.

Air Magic:

Allows for a natural single colored ridge of fur along the under belly and legs, along with a fur tuft at the tip or base of the tail.

Water Magic:

Allows for additional natural single color streaks in the mane, and additional shininess or natural color gradients to coat outside the natural base.


Void Magic:

 Allows for the same affects as Earth, Fire, Wind or Water magic in black tones, also allows for solid black or dark iridescent flowers.

Star Magic:

Allows for the same affects as Earth, Fire, Wind or Water magic in white tones, also allows for solid prismatic or light iridescent flowers.


Dual Magic:

Desinger may pick two uncommon magic styles and combine the allowed alterations.

Wild Magic:

Designer may choose a uncommon magic style, and combine the alterations from Void or Star for two different color variations. Also allows for a glow effect on plant.