Scale Location Traits

A Kirunhound’s scales are one of it’s defining features and allows for a lot of variations between designs. The size, shape and relative placements for these areas of scales are flexible when creating a character. Scale Type Traits also will play a part in the look, texture, and other special changes to scale location. Reading both guides as you create your character is helpful.

  • Tail bases can be scaled even if the listed trait places scales away from the tail base. (Koi is the only exception to this rule.)
  • Additional scale placements outside those listed below may be affected by scale type traits and mutations.




Two unbroken patches of solid scales. Usually cover the back hip



One solid area of scales, always connected to the tail base. Commonly leaves the upper hip smooth.


No scales on body. Tail base may optionally have a small accent.


Very small patch of scales at the base of the tail.


Four small patches of scales, one on each shoulder point, and another on each hip point. Back and body will otherwise be smooth.



Prominent single patch of double layered scales with an edged lip that may be a secondary color from the base.



Two small patches on each hip points and a small saddle of scales along the back or over the shoulder. Mane will continue between the two areas down the back. Tail ALWAYS lacks a scaled base.