Mutations are rare variations that pop up in offspring from time to time. There is no surefire way to cause them, and genotypes that do end up with them will be very special.

  • While rare, it is possible for multiple mutations to pass on during a breeding.
  • Parents sharing the same mutation increase the odds of an offspring also gaining it.
  • New mutations can happen in any or all of the offspring of parents that don’t have mutations themselves.


Heel Spurs:

Sharp bony spikes that face upward from the back heels.

Aether Touched:

Adds a glowing color effect to one marking of the designer’s choice.

Sharp Foot:

Overly prominent hoof points becoming claw like on the back feet.


Solid patches of scales line the front legs. These will be the same color as the main scales.

Gem Shards:

Small, round circles of scales on the shoulder or hip that are disconnected from the main scale locations. May be a unique color, or the same color as the main scales.


Narrow patch of scales that run across the length of the muzzle, from the base of the horn, over the nose. Can be a unique solid color, or the same color as the main scales.


Random uneven spots of white will cover the whole body. May affect scale colors.


Long whiskers are added to the muzzle.

Non Passable:


Adds a extra set of limbs, eyes, or ears. Does not cover tails, as they have their own trait for this effect.


Two pairs of ‘active’ genotypes will be present in one individual. Markings will show through in clean edged patches. Players may choose which physical body traits to show, or mix and combine them as well. May affect scale color and style when patches overlay.


Character’s fur will be solid white, cream or gray with red eyes regardless of the genotype. Horns and scales can retain normal colors.