Horn Type Traits

Horns are one of the Kirunhound’s defining features and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Horns do not shed, and are a permanent feature that will grow over time as a Kirunhound ages.
  • Horns naturally face forward, or directly upward.
  • Horns are very sturdy as they’re used for battle. However, it is possible for horns to break, designs may include horns with chips, dents, bends or other damage related alterations.
  • Horns may be any color, and can have some variation such as darker tips, or faint markings.
  • Glowing effects can be earned through character story growth.


Classic Type Horn:

Rounded, smooth, and without any sharp angles.


Warrior Type Horn:

Long, sharp with a kink roughly half way.

Healer Type Horn:

Short, stubby. Can be edged or smooth.



Double horns that curve back near, or around the ears.


Two smaller curved horns that face backward.


Lacking any visible horn.



Double small horns, with frills or small spikes that frame the jaw line and back of head.


Single deer like antler, can face forward or back. Size and shape will vary.


Adds a classic, warrior or healer type horn, with smaller horn additions. These can be smaller dual horns or nose horns.