Coat Colors

Coat colors for Kirunhounds are classified by a broad range of colors divided into groups, rather than preset hexadecimal guidelines.

  • Players do not need to pull directly from these sample swatches, but should make sure a created character’s coat base does not drift into ranges outside their genes.
  • Coat colors may have some variation, but should remain a mostly solid color with subtle accents.


The bottom samples show coat color variations that are too different between color accents (left sample), too solid and resemble markings (middle sample), and a gradient that is both too dark and too similar to Dual coat range (right sample).


Earth – Ranges from rich browns, dull tans, natural muted greens to brighter greens.
Fire – Ranges from bright reds, pinks, oranges and yellows. Fire may also include brighter tans.
Air – Ranges from bright purples to warmer blues, lavenders and cooler pinks. Middle gray not hit by Void or Celeste ranges.
Water – Ranges from bright deep blues, to bright teals and aqua blue greens.


Void – Ranges from pure black to dark gray.
Celeste – Ranges from pure white to light gray.

*Void and Celeste may both have a slight neutral blue or red tint.


Pearl – Any color range, with a lighter overlay.
Ash – Any color range, with a darker overlay.


Bronzed – Warm color with a metallic effect to fur.
Dual – Any two colors from any color range. Dual can split between a character’s front and back OR top and bottom, and must be a soft gradient.

Two examples of Dual Coat type, and example of what a Bronzed Coat effect looks like.