Body Type Traits

Kirunhounds show a range of body types, many showcasing the various other species brought in to keep their breeding pool alive in ages past. These descriptions are loose and just show the overall shape and build of each body type, you do not need to copy them exactly.



Rounded lower body curve with a more straight slope from upper shoulder to butt. Jawline should be even with shoulder. Graceful as a whole.



Sharp, even angles from shoulder to front paw, and butt to hoof when standing. Stomach does not round out at all.


Massive front chest and neck, with an even slope from top of head to butt. Jawline should be even with back hip.


Graceful curve from butt to chest. Narrow waist, but prominent back leg thighs.



Massive upper body with stockier legs. Neck is short, and close to body. Skin may bunch in small rolls.


All features will be larger, softer and more baby like. Legs will be shorter and more stocky, with the tail and ears being oversized. Horns and other accents may also appear larger.


Reverse feet:

Front feet will be bulky and powerful, but end in sharp hooves. Back legs will be graceful greyhound like paws. If Sharp Foot mutation is also present this will add a single sickle clawed toe instead.


Adds a small pair of feathered or batlike wings that match the coat color, and body shape ranges between other available builds. If a Winged tail is also present, manes and long fur may appear as feathers.