Character Templates

So you have your character’s genotype, some artwork drawn of their design, now what?

First double check the following:

  • The artwork follows both the character’s genotype and the guidelines for each physical trait, marking and mutation.
  • Character designs may only have one small piercing (or a small singlel pair in the case of earrings) and one small scar on submission. Large scars, clothing accessories, and large jewelry will need to be earned in game.
  • If you did not draw the design being used when you submit you character, you WILL NEED the original artist’s permission to use their art for your character submission.
  • We highly recommend you also save a full sized version of your character’s artwork for yourself, in the case you wish to add accessories, alter markings or add ons down the line, or end up selling a character to another player.


Next grab the official character template from this page. When creating your template please be careful to do everything listed below, sheets that do not follow these rules, will need to be fixed before being approved into the group:

  • Do not resize or crop the sheet, submitted files need to remain the same size and may not be edited other than changing the background color in the box behind the character.
  • Text details may be typed or handwritten.
  • Character artwork should be clean, clear and show off all markings and traits. Characters are best drawn standing and viewed from a side profile. Other poses are fine, but should not obscure character traits.
  • Additional headshots, or closeups are allowed on sheets when needing to show off extra details on a character.
  • Do not write or mark over the character artwork. Creator signatures or small watermarks are allowed, but should not make viewing the character’s details difficult.


Character sheets may be updated with completely new artwork later on, if you’re worried about not being happy with your drawing now, you aren’t stuck with it forever!

Drawn art done? Now pick the appropriate character species and copy these details below, you’ll need to fill all of these out and submit them along with your character sheet file, please do not add, or remove any fields.


Name and Nicknames: Names must be PG and not offensive or inappropriate.
Age: Kirunhounds live into the early hundreds. This may also be left as ‘Unknown’ if you want to work with a character right away.
Sex: Male/Female/Rebis must be listed for ingame breeding clarity. Additional gender pronouns may be also be added here.
Status: Leave blank.
Coat Color:
Horn Type:
Body Type:
Tail Type:
Scale Location:
Scale Type:
Homeland: Pick one location your character was born in, you can check the regions here.
Additional Notes: Anything else you want to have saved with your character’s information. You can add to or change this later.
Lineage: New player making a starter? Staff will assign a parent, and grandparent here using the site characters! If you have a Genotype from a breeding, check out THIS GUIDE for how to write out their family tree yourself.

—————————————— SSS:Unknown
—————– SS: Unknown
—————————————— SSD: Unknown
Sire: Unknown
—————————————— SDS: Unknown
—————– SD: Unknown
—————————————— SDD: Unknown
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DS: Unknown
—————————————— DSD: Unknown
Dam: Unknown
—————————————— DSS: Unknown
—————– DD: Unknown
—————————————— DDD: Unknown

Artist who drew the design, and link to a gallery or website to be credited with the character’s sheet: If you drew it, just note that. If someone else drew it, you need to link a permission from that artist before we can approve it in game.
Link to ownership proof: This will be either a link to the breeding the genotype came from, or put ‘Starter character’ if you’re making your first free character.

And finally submit the character sheet file and text information to this thread: HERE. Staff will double-check your details and reply to you with either approval into the game, or list what things will need be to be fixed or changed before your approval can pass.