Character Creation

New player? No problem, getting started is easy!

Free Starter Characters:

The simplest way to get started is by creating and drawing your own character design. All players are allowed to create ONE free character per each available species, (in this case, only Kirunhounds are currently available, but more will be open to the public down the line!)

Free starter characters do have some limits on the number of markings, rarity of traits you can use, and will still need to be approved by staff into the group before they can be used in game.

Kirunhound Starters:

Sex: Any
Coat Color: Void, Celeste, Earth, Fire, Air, Water.
Traits: 3 common and 2 uncommon.
Markings: 3 Common Markings OR 1 Common Marking and 1 Uncommon Marking OR 1 Rare Marking.
Mutations: Can not be added. Staff will roll for a new mutation when any character is accepted, so there may be a small chance they carry the gene, but will not show the mutation on their design.

This is a great option for players not wanting to spend any money to get started, or don’t have a set character design in mind.

Free starter characters can not be sold, traded or gifted to other players. You can only donate them to in game event tributes, doing so will NOT allow you to create a new starter character once it’s given away.


Buy or Trade with current players:

Want to jump into the game with a character with rare markings or a mutation you really love? Check out the Sales Forum and see what other players are selling or trading. Many players have ready to draw genotypes with rare markings, mutations and other harder to get traits, as well as characters that have already been drawn and approved in game. You might even be lucky enough to catch someone giving away the perfect character to new players!

New Players do NOT need to have an already approved character to signup and use the forum, and are able to buy characters OR enter the world events that have custom characters as rewards.

Ingame Sales:

Finally, semi-custom character genotypes will be available from time to time for players to buy in the form of Azoths. These items give access to more markings and traits higher on the rarity list. Once a player has an approved character, it is also possible to obtain these items within the game that allow creation of new characters.