World Walker Quests

Once a character has reached the title of ‘World Walker’ they earn the ability to go out on longer, more dangerous quests each month, these quests can uncover rare items, random genotypes for making new characters, and other unique rewards. However, these quests also hold the potential for a character to be injured, so venture out carefully. World Walker events will change over time, as will the potential rewards. Submission guidelines follow the same standard rules as Character Journeys.

World Walker characters may complete a single quest each month, while Valiant, Legendary and Divine characters may complete two quests each month. Players may submit as many times as they wish, as long as each submission has a new character with the World Walker Title, who has not already completed the same quest.

Current Quests:

Follow the Bones:

An excavation group working deep in the Kotakaii mountain range have uncovered a series of very rare fossils that might shed some light on the history of species from before the world’s downfall years ago. The items are too fragile to risk shipping them by boat, and a call is put out for seasoned travelers to help carry some back single fossils to the capital of Atlosian as soon as possible.

Draw or write about your character helping transport one of these items and the dangers they face. Alternatively, your character can make off with a fossil, they might be worth more on the black market. Backgrounds can cover both Kotakaii or Atlosian regions for setting, and should feature your character with the additional item in tow.


Deliver the fossil: 1,000 Kouneen. 3x random resource items from the region drawn. 1x random Rare item.

Steal the fossil: 1x Fossil (Story Item). 1TP.


15% chance of minor injury. 5% chance the item breaks and your character does not get their Kouneen payment from the rewards.

A Tense Trip:

Some recent high tension political meetings have been arranged between Voltlund and Ull, the nature of these however is above your status and as such the details are just listed as ‘of high importance’. An escort is needed to get a few of the last heads to their location before these meetings start. Two well to do figures need some help on their travels..

Escort Kareal:
Looks like Kareal has had a long day already, and isn’t going to take any recklessness or shortcuts.

Draw or write about both you character and Kareal traveling from Voltlund Coast to Ull Canyons, the environment can feature either region.

Escort Alios:
Alios has never traveled between these two place before, and seems enchanted by the scenery!

Draw or write about both your character and Alios traveling from Kotakaii Mountains to Ull Canyons, the environment can feature either region.


Alios: 1x Kotakaii gathering roll, treated as if a character is Trained and Native. 2TP, and 10% chance of a story advancement.
Kareal: 1x Voltlund Coast gathering roll, treated as if a character is Trained and Native. 2TP, and 10% chance of a story advancement.


10% of minor injury to you, 15% change of minor injury for Starter. If a Satater is inured on your watch, expect some fines, you’ll lose 800 Kouneen for delaying the meeting. (If you don’t have 800 Kouneen in your bank, you’ll lose all rewards.)