World Walker Quests

Once a character has reached the title of ‘World Walker’ they earn the ability to go out on longer, more dangerous quests each month, these quests can uncover rare items, random genotypes for making new characters, and other unique rewards. However, these quests also hold the potential for a character to be injured, so venture out carefully. World Walker events will change over time, as will the potential rewards. Submission guidelines follow the same standard rules as Character Journeys.

World Walker characters may complete a single quest each month, while Valiant, Legendary and Divine characters may complete two quests each month. Players may submit as many times as they wish, as long as each submission has a new character with the World Walker Title, who has not already completed the same quest.

A player may submit a World Walker quest 6 total times a month, regardless of characters.

Current Quests:

Study the Void

While some rest and recoup, others are deeply involved in continued study of the rise of Voiding. Back in Voltlund a gathering of scientists and alchemists a like have started their studies in earnest.

Your character can help study this condition by doing either…

Help in the lab directly: Draw or write about your character helping in the laboratory, they can be mixing chemicals, studying books and samples, or aiding the other staff in other ways. Backgrounds should feature a laboratory of your own design.

Help out in the field: Draw or write about your character helping outdoors, maybe they study wildlife or gather supplies with other scientists or alchemists. Backgrounds can feature Voltlunds cityscape or local forests and coasts.