Discovery Quests

Discovery quests require a little more guideline to the prompts and rewards are more rare, including the uncovering of ruins or other unique landmarks which players can claim for monthly rewards.

While all Discovery quests provide some reward in the end, some landmark discoveries will only be rolled if the drawing or story includes certain elements. Some finds might only appear at night, while others are affected by weather, or certain wildlife or city landmarks. So get creative and explore new things, you might be the first to stumble on something rare!

Discovery quests are only able to be credited to ONE player character when submitted, and players may submit ONE Discovery roll each month. Rewards are rolled after a player draws or writes about the first step as some paths require a follow up submission.

Learn more about Location rewards here!

Current Quests:

Eris’ Lament:

Off the cost of Kotakaii, Eris has become a rather populare visitor, helping out fishermen and bringing back sunken goods. Over recent weeks locals have become concerned over her sudden vanishing. Help as been requested to track Eris down and make sure she’s okay. The last credible eyewitness saw her hanging around the rocky shore just outside of the shipping docks, that might be a good place to begin.

Draw or Write about your character starting out as they look for clues to her whereabouts.