Discovery Quests

Discovery quests require a little more guideline to the prompts and rewards are more rare, including the uncovering of ruins or other unique landmarks which players can claim for monthly rewards.

While all Discovery quests provide some reward in the end, some landmark discoveries will only be rolled if the drawing or story includes certain elements. Some finds might only appear at night, while others are affected by weather, or certain wildlife or city landmarks. So get creative and explore new things, you might be the first to stumble on something rare!

Discovery quests are only able to be credited to ONE player character when submitted, and players may submit ONE Discovery roll each month. Rewards are rolled after a player draws or writes about the first step as some paths require a follow up submission.

Learn more about Location rewards here!

Current Quests:

Honor the Dead:

Unaffected by the recent upturn in storms, and not remotely part of recent festivals, Ull seems to be all but forgotten.

Most of the important tasks within this region require very dedicated, slow workers. A lot of younger kin looking to jump in on a helping out are going find themselves a little bored with the lack of fast paced action…
Domic, one of the human temple keepers who’s been here forever and five days needs a few very responsible hands who know the land to help out. They have asked for some extra help in setting up a temple for a small funeral event, as they lack the manpower to set up with everything going on outside their meager region.

Locals may either take a prayer candle down to the lower crypts, or clean up trash along the pathway to the temple. Both are very important, and Domic is going to give a set reward for each one regardless.

Draw or write about your Ull Canyon born character either helping place candles deep in the canyon OR cleaning higher up the canyon cliff paths. Only your character or their NPCs may be drawn, the background must be canyon like settings, look at Zion National park, and Petra for ideas for setting.


Deliver Prayer Candle: ?

Clean up the trails: ?

Rainday Rewards:

It’s been an extra rainy few weeks in the Atlosian basin, not unexpected, and like the local saying goes ‘the best treasures turn up after the rain’, and you know of two perfect locations to check out, despite the rain.

The first, a fairly small but incredibly deep pond that’s fed by the run off of two small rivers. Double the odds of loot!

The second is the Old Town shipping docks, since high demand shipping moved further north up the coast, things are all but dead there, with the exception of items washed from upstream.

Draw or write about your Atlosian Wetlands born character looking for items at one of the two locations. Only your character or their NPCs may be drawn.


The deep pools: ?

The Old Town docks: ?