Tribute Points

Tribute Points, Tributes, or TP are a special currency earned from completing special monthly challenges, going above and beyond for general game play, or other unique game events. Tribute points are tied to player accounts rather than a single character, allowing players to focus on only a single character, or house a large collection and still earn the same TP potential for rewards.

Players may sell, auction or trade TP as long as it’s officially transferred onsite.

How is TP Earned?

Certain monthly event allow characters born in the currently highlighted event region can be drawn or written about in creative works to gain Tributes during that month.

During posted events, Starter characters, and unwanted breeding Genotypes may be released to earn Tributes.

Artwork, stories, or roleplay logs that go above and beyond the creators usual work.


What is TP used for?

During world events Tributes can be exchanged for additional raffle tickets, or used in place of USD payments for game items.

  • For raffle tickets, the event will price out the Tribute Point value of extra raffle tickets, and will vary per event.
  • For game item sales, 2 Tributes Points will always be equal 1 USD. If a player has 10 TP, they can buy a $5 item during  game item sales. For 40 TP they can buy a $20 game item.


Tribute Points can also be used to quickly level up characters in place of SP. Details on this exchange will be organized and updated soon.