Character Trackers

Character trackers are used to keep a running list of a single character’s artwork, stories and role play logs, and the associated Story Points.

Trackers do not need to be kept onsite, but the player documents feature is a great way to do so if you choose to.

Trackers do not have a set system players need to follow exactly, but should include the following information so staff can easily use them to update a character’s title or status.


  • The character’s name, site ID #, and owners name. Ideally alongside a link to this character’s onsite Import file.
  • Each creative work should include a link to the posted artwork, story or roleplay log. Followed by a SP count for this submission including bonuses for items listed here.
  • Special submissions such as Character Journey credits should be broken into their own area on the Tracker.



Sample Tracker:

Coming soon.