Character Trackers

Character trackers are used to keep a running list of a single character’s artwork, stories and role play logs, and the associated Story Points they’ve earned over time.

Trackers have a few set requirements, the first being each character should have it’s own space that includes the following information:


  • The character’s name, site ID #, and owner name. Ideally alongside a link to this character’s onsite Import file.
  • Each creative work should include a link to the posted artwork, story or roleplay log. Followed by a SP count for this submission including all bonuses for items listed here.
  • Character Journeys should be tagged.


Once a character is approved to it’s next level, create a break on the tracker and start a new count, but don’t remove older creative submissions as staff will need to double check new work against earlier files.



Sample Tracker:

Coming soon.