Creative Submission Guidelines

While each activity, story event and in game submission has it’s own set of specific rules for what is and isn’t allowed, these are the base guidelines for submitting any creative works for in game credit on Arcane Zoo.

Creative works:

In general any drawn, written , or role played creative works are ONLY judged based on if they followed the rules for the submission. Beginner artists with no training; your art, even with errors is just as valid as the professionals playing here for fun. Writers, that one typo spell check missed, we don’t knock off points if the story is otherwise created in the spirit of the challenge it’s for.

Submissions for game credit DO need to be ONE of the following:

  • Creative art work made100% by YOU as a player.
  • Created collaboratively between you and another player. This can include one player sketching and another player coloring a drawn image. Or a writer adding a 1,000 word story accent to an artist’s drawn image as a team.
  • Artwork and stories you’ve bought from artists, writers or other creative folks in the game. The linked submission should show or credit you in some way.


Arcane Zoo does NOT allow the following:

  • Traced or otherwise plagiarized art or stories.
  • Recolored templates submitted as new work. (YOU MAY use free templates to build character designs for character sheets, you need to credit the creator!)
  • Stolen art that is miscredited.


ALL of these will result in a temporary ban, and potentially could result in a lifetime ban. Please don’t. Art is a big part of this group, so let’s respect all artists okay?

Role Play Logs:

  • Role Play logs created within the game setting are accepted just like written works in many activities here.
  • Role Play logs may include the player’s names in the total text count for each activity.
  • Role Plays logs should be saved and formatted like a written submission, not linked to forum threads.

Not drawn art, not written art…what if I make a really COOL BLANK?:

Oh my, you want to sculpt,sing or compose some music or something else completely wild and unique for activities?

Arcane Zoo is fine with that!

Other creative fields are still just as valid here, but kind of hit hard to write guidelines for many areas. If you create a thing set in this world, or about this world that doesn’t really fall into guidelines for art or written works? Please link staff on the forum HERE, we want to make sure you get rewarded the same way for in game trails and advancements, even if we can’t write preemptive guidelines for what a small musical piece or a 3D puppet is worth.