Culinary Crafting



Special blends of natural herbs and other items that powerfully accent food, but also add boosts to Alchemy projects.

Firebird Spice :

Adds 10 additional Attack points to any culinary plate.

Firebird Feather X3. Rugged Berries X3. Tea leaves X3. Red Meat X3. Poisonous Fangs X3.

Rainbow Spice :

Adds 10 additional Defense points to any culinary plate.

Strange Fruit X3. Striped feathers X3. Colorful feathers X3. Squid X3. Coral X3.

Wisdom Spice :

Adds 10 additional Strategy points to any culinary plate.

Curved Horns X3. Carved Stone X3. Lean Meat X3. Pearl X3. Ruined Scroll X3.

Drake Spice :

Adds 10 additional HP points to any culinary plate.

Drake Scales X3. Driftwood X3. Old Coins X3. Retractable Claws X3. Perfect Bone X3.

Wind Spice :

Adds 10 additional Speed points to any culinary plate.

Mercury X3. Kelp X3. Honey X3. Beetle Shell X3. Carved Stone X3.


Food items that can boost a character’s abilities for one submission roll, these vary from questing, journeys, to breeding and crafting.

All Plates may be amplified with any Spice item when crafting.

‘Hounds of the King’ Plate :

When used during gathering, guarantees +1 item, even if gathering fails. Adds 10 points of Defense during Battles.

Earthen Clay. Eggs. Spiral Shell. Firestar Flower. Red Meat X4. Rugged Berries X4.

‘Dawning Ray’ Plate :

When used during breeding, guarantees +1 offspring (Does not prevent stillborn offspring when inbreeding occurs.) Adds 10 points of Strategy during Battles.

Waterlily. Tea Leaves. Pome Fruit. Mountain Flowers. Squid X4. Strange Fruit X4.

‘Golden River’ Plate :

When used with Character Journey submissions, adds +5 SP to the main character. Increases HP during a battle by 10.

Kelp. Lichen. Beetle Shell. Healing Leaf. Fish Meat X4. Honey X4.

‘Aether Rooster’ Plate :

When used during a world event, provides one additional item reward OR raffle entry. Adds 10 points of Attack during Battles.

Void Plant. Polished Shell. Polished Stone. Ruined Scroll. Poisonous Berries X4. Lean Meat X4.

‘Shining Hero’ Plate :

When used during Questing submissions, provides one additional roll for all rewards. Adds 10 points of Speed during Battles.

Tattered Feathers. Lichen. Pome Fruit. Snakeskin. Red Meat X4. Fish Meat X4.