Lineage and Inbreeding

Determining a character’s, or a new offspring’s lineage might seem complex at first, but once broken down it’s actually pretty easy, what exactly IS lineage?

Think of it like a family tree, broken up into three steps, the direct parents, both parent’s grandparents, and then each grandparent’s grandparent. The top part of this tree covers only the Sire, and the bottom part covers only the Dam. In Arcane Zoo, ‘Sire’ and ‘Dam’ are considered neutral terms, and do not set a character’s sex, a Rebis character can fill either roll as part of this chain, and in turn may sort Male or Female characters into other placements along these chains.

Starter characters, and characters created via Azoths will generally have only one parent, and one grandparent listed. Or in the case of uncharted parents, ties to two Site Starters, which will be treated as if they sit in parent and grandparent trees.

Character created from a breeding will generate new trees. Let’s compare these two parents:

Their offspring would lose the last tree, cutting off relation to both parents great grandparents, any shared characters on this last step would NOT count as being inbreeding, as none of their kids will have them listed. Characters shared in the first and second step of the tree WOULD count as inbreeding, because these characters will move one step right and still show up twice in their offspring. Let’s compare those parents again, but this time Dad has an additional relative that triggers the inbreeding flag.

So how do I write a Lineage chart for my new kids? Using the same sample above, let’s write out a chart like so:

1: Use the Sire and Dam that created your kid, replace the ‘Unknown’ with their names, and link to their Import pages.

2: Open both the Sire and Dam’s Lineage chart and and using each parent’s tree, replace the ‘DS’ ‘DD’, ‘SS’, and ‘SD’ unknowns with the name and Import link to characters in their background as well.

Offspring from the parents shown above would have lineage trees that look like this.