Unique traits and mutations don’t just make a character look special, these aspects can also be paired up to create new offspring through breeding.

Arcane Zoo wants breeding to be something that rewards players who take the time to selectively pair up their characters with similar traits, so our breeding statistics favor players who find unrelated characters that share the same physical traits, markings and mutations to boost the odds these traits will be passed to their offspring. You can check out the official stat guide for breeding here.

Step One:

Both characters looking to breed, must first have passed their Story Arc for breeding. Once approved, the character’s import page should have the ‘Mature’ Icon:

Both characters must also be healthy and of viable state, this meaning not holding the ‘Infertile‘, ‘Sickly‘ or ‘Minor wounds‘ status.

Step Two:

Are these characters going to inbreed? Inbreeding can result in fewer offspring and altered statuses. If you’re breeding with another player’s character, their rules for allowing inbreeding or not might stop you from pairing up closely related characters when submitting a breeding request.

If you breed your own characters together there is no ingame restriction on doing so, but be aware inbreeding has some drawbacks, such as a chance of stillborn offspring, and removal of mutations.

Learn about lineage charts and how to compare characters to determine inbreeding here!

Step Three:

Breeding limits. Any character involved in a breeding will need free breeding slots. Characters earn a total breeding slot pool by advancing their Titles.

All players have access to 3 breedings total from any characters breeding pools each month, this includes both breedings with their own characters and use of other players characters. The person who SUBMITS the shared breeding pairing will use 1 of their 3 slots for that month.

(Some items and rewards will allow players to use more than 3 breedings a month, 3 is just the basic default!)

Step Four:

Now you have available breeding slots on two Mature characters, aren’t going to inbreed and have permission with another player? Go ahead and post a breeding request here!