Character Stats:

All player character and NPCs have five stats; HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, and Strategy. Each of these stats will help shape the type of fighter they are, and what strengths and weaknesses they carry. Characters will have chances to both temporarily boost these stats in a single fight, or increase them permanently as they work further in their fighting careers.

All stats are equally useful in battle, and deciding how to shape your stats is unique to your character’s fighting style.

Players will have 80 points to spread across Attack, Defense, Speed and Strategy. With points  placed in even 10 point increments, with the bare minimum needed in any stat being 10.


You can create a balanced character with even 20 points across all stats, or put 50 points in one stat and 10 in the rest. It’s up to you as a player!

Stats can be further raised in the following ways:

  • Including artwork or writing about the fight each round
  • Using crafted food items
  • Equipping crafted armor and weapons
  • Via character’s innate Skills
  • Earning permanent stat increases from contests, events or quests


Shows how much physical damage a defending character can take before they’re knocked out and unable to fight. All Player character start with a default 20 in HP.


Shows how much physical damage a character can deal in a single attack, the higher it is the more dangerous they are when attacking an opponent.


Shows how much damage a character is able to withstand when taking an attack from another character, the higher it is the more hits they can take before being knocked out.


Increases the chance a character will dodge an incoming attack from an opponent, the higher it is the more likely they are to avoid taking as a much damage.


Increases the chance a character will strike a critical blow and do extra damage to an opponent, the higher it is the more likely they are to increase the damage done in an attack.

Types of battles:

Player Verse Player:

These are fun, player driven face offs held casually. The winner receives some Kouneen and potential item rolls, and the loser walks away safe.


A little more risky and illegal. Winners gain much more sought after rewards, and losers can risk permanent injuries that can negate their stats, or rarely, even stop them from fighting again.

Player Verse NPC:

Story driven fights that usually pit player’s characters against much larger, more powerful foes. While minor injuries can happen, these can be healed via player interactions during the story event.

Fight rounds:

Coming soon!